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Join me each week for inspiration, strategy, and business mentorship to help you make more impact on your terms, so that you can live inspired and more fulfilled.

That whisper that keeps getting louder? Don’t ignore it… it’s there for a reason ;)


It’s easy to get caught up thinking that you have to give more information, longer content, more modules, worksheets… more STUFF. What if you looked at it differently and stripped it down to what is actually needed in order to achieve a result?


Grasping on to perfect can be the cause of so many missed opportunities. In this short and sweet real talk, we’re diving into showing up, being real, and letting perfection go, in order to create more impact, more connections and deeper relationships. 


s episode, we are talking about how to know what your audience, clients, or community wants if the engagement is low and sometimes it feels like crickets… 


In this episode, we’re diving into some of these secrets and just have a really great conversation about work, life, and integrating them together. 


In this episode, we’re diving into how to sell the result, versus focusing only on the features and details of the product or service. And I give you some examples, so you can get an idea of what this looks like.


In this episode, we’re diving into how to write emails that actually connect with the reader, are genuine and build stronger relationships.


In this episode, we’re diving into four things you can do right now to help you start to make more progress and get out of that funk.


The most important relationship(s) in your life impact all areas of your life and in this episode, you’ll hear my conversation with Jaime Morgan, a certified life and relationship coach, on how to create thriving relationships. In this episode, I talk with Jaime about: -Her Three C’s that are the fundamental keys to thriving relationships […]


I’m taking you behind the scenes on this one (which is so fun!), and sharing my thought process around my last program that ended not too long ago.  I’ll share some of the questions I asked myself (that will hopefully help you, too), my goals for the program, how I determined the length, what was […]

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Meet your host

Amanda Edwards is a business mentor, who specializes in selling and leading with heart and conviction. Amanda helps you dig deeper into what makes you shine, move through what’s holding you back, and be the go-to in your industry by doing business differently.

Mompreneur guide, megan

"Amanda's take on business is such a breathe of fresh air! I love how she teaches ways to swap perfectionism for easy actions to get stuff done. Between her messaging expertise and her guest's zone of genius, this show is such a great place of knowledge."


"Listening to the episodes feels like sitting down with your most gracious and inspiring best friend. Amanda's got the balance between inspiration and practicality nailed. Loved our conversation about passion and feel honored to have met you."


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