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I’ve been in Corporate America
for 15 years,
where women make up 7% of the industry.


I light up when I have the opportunity to mentor women in business. I believe there are some key components that if you focus on, regardless of what role or industry you're in, will make you stand out and help you advance in your career.

I have been working in Corporate America for 15 years. I am in corporate technology sales, responsible for leading and managing relationships. I love the company I work for, I love who I work with, and I love my customers. The reason why I’m telling you this is to give you some context around the fact that my desire for ‘more’ isn’t about my occupation or a title that I hold at work. It goes beyond that.

It started as a small tug, and then over months became a pull that I couldn't ignore. When that happens, God, the universe, or something bigger than yourself is telling you something. Don’t ignore it.   

Since the small tug I felt a couple of years ago, I have become very clear on my ‘why’ and have realized what the strong pull was all about. It’s showing my kids that they can do whatever they want to do in this life and that it is up to them to take their gifts and put them to work. It will be hard work, and they will have to stretch, but they have the power. And it’s helping you to shed through the overwhelm and paralyzing mindset blocks, in order to pursue your version of success. 

Don’t wait until you can see the whole picture perfectly. This is my natural tendency - to want to know what the end will look like. To want to see all the pieces perfectly in place. Let’s work on this together. It will be imperfect, and it will be messy, but you have to start. Take small actions every day, every week, and before too long you will see how far you’ve come.

The path to discovering your why, making necessary mindset shifts, and taking intentional action are fundamental pieces of making strides towards building the life you want.  

Mentoring on business, communication, and branding lights me up.

I discovered aerial arts at 36, and love it! Trapeze anyone?!

If I’m at home, you can find me in my ‘comfy clothes’ and ponytail. Guaranteed.

I have celiac disease and love offering GF tips and tricks, so let me know if you need any guidance on GF living, and I’ve got you covered! 





My mission is to empower you to gain clarity, shift your mindset, and to take imperfect action, so that you can pursue your own version of success.

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