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Your go-to podcast for getting to the heart of what matters in business and life. Come hang out with me and let’s do things differently

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Join me each week for inspiration, strategy, and business mentorship to help you make more impact on your terms, so that you can live inspired and more fulfilled.

That whisper that keeps getting louder? Don’t ignore it… it’s there for a reason ;)


How to communicate the value of your product, program, or service to someone who knows nothing about it yet…YOU know the value, you’re close to it, you know it like the back of your hand, you’re the expert, but how do you convey that in a way such that the people who need it will understand and resonate with? That’s what we’re talking about in this episode!


Tune in to hear a little real talk to guide you through this thought that might be creeping in and holding you back from talking about the very thing that you know could be just what your ‘perfect fit’ clients need.


t’s never too late, you aren’t too old, you aren’t too young… You get to define was success looks like for you. In this episode, we’re talking about how Leslie completely changed her trajectory and created the life and business of her dreams.


In this episode, we’re talking about how to keep social media in perspective, how to make some key mindset shifts around social media, and how to use it as a business tool, instead of letting it take over.


small? Especially as women, we do this so often. Join me for this short and sweet episode for a little dose of real talk on this topic.


Dr. Nadia Brown joins us for a powerful conversation about COURAGE and sales. We talk through major shifts to help you go from being afraid to ask for the sale, to feeling confident and genuine, and like you’re not even selling. This is such a good conversation about what is truly foundational in business.


We’re diving into what isn’t talked about as much when it comes to business, and how to incorporate more of what is aligned with who YOU are into your strategies.


If you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends, this one’s for you! In this episode, we talk about chronic stress, key tips to manage stress, and how to get better sleep!


It’s easy to get caught up thinking that you have to give more information, longer content, more modules, worksheets… more STUFF. What if you looked at it differently and stripped it down to what is actually needed in order to achieve a result?

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Meet your host

Amanda Edwards is a business mentor, who specializes in selling and leading with heart and conviction. Amanda helps you dig deeper into what makes you shine, move through what’s holding you back, and be the go-to in your industry by doing business differently.

Mompreneur guide, megan

"Amanda's take on business is such a breathe of fresh air! I love how she teaches ways to swap perfectionism for easy actions to get stuff done. Between her messaging expertise and her guest's zone of genius, this show is such a great place of knowledge."


"Listening to the episodes feels like sitting down with your most gracious and inspiring best friend. Amanda's got the balance between inspiration and practicality nailed. Loved our conversation about passion and feel honored to have met you."


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Imperfectly Ambitious is a company that provides messaging, positioning, and sales strategy for women in business who want to approach sales differently and connect at a deeper level with their perfect fit clients. 

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