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Your go-to podcast for getting to the heart of what matters in business and life. Come hang out with me and let’s do things differently

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What's on the podcast?

Join me each week for inspiration, strategy, and business mentorship to help you make more impact on your terms, so that you can live inspired and more fulfilled.

That whisper that keeps getting louder? Don’t ignore it… it’s there for a reason ;)


If you want to grow your authority and audience off of social media and love the idea of guesting on podcasts, this is for you!


Not everyone will agree with me on this, but I know for sure that the concept of this episode is fundamentally what makes selling feel more authentic, makes you stand out, and certainly makes things a lot more fun. Tune in and let’s chat.


This concept seems super counter intuitive when it comes to sales, but it will make such a difference in how you show up, the energy you put out there, and ultimately your results.
This shift is huge and isn’t often talked about, so let’s dive in… 


You know the feeling… it’s like you’re restless, or maybe have no motivation at all, you feel discouraged, or just blah.  This lack of contentment. I’m willing to bet you’re not using your skills, expertise, the things that light you up, what you love doing to the extent that you know you’re capable of. You’re underutilizing those things.


Feeling more tired lately? Maybe you have been experiencing digestive issues, or generally are more anxious, maybe skin issues… Hormones certainly affect our day-to-day, and in this episode with Amanda Hinman, we’re talking about optimizing your energy and mental clarity so that you can do all the things that you want to do!  Amanda talks […]


You spend so much time working on the ‘thing’, dreaming about what’s next, and taking steps to get there – and when you’re doing that on your own, it’s lonely – and you want people you trust, people who GET IT, to share your excitement with – the wins with. AND someone who you can […]


The hardest thing to do sometimes keeps things simple. Our tendency is to overcomplicate because it makes us feel like we have more control….more variables to hold on to, right?! There will always be things you can add, always things you can change… but how can you deliver something in a way that is not […]


You have skills, talents, expertise, and experiences that are exactly what someone needs.  So now you’re thinking about how to package all of that into a program or service and holy moly there are so many ‘rules’ and complicated processes that drain your time and energy, and ultimately, it feels like you aren’t making progress anyway. It is noisy out there! 


Get ready to be inspired and uplifted from this very real conversation with Jessica LaMarre about getting back to you. What Jessica thought success was, was actually hurting her well-being. She didn’t know or love herself completely and she was desperate for a way back to herself…

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Meet your host

Amanda Edwards is a business mentor, who specializes in selling and leading with heart and conviction. Amanda helps you dig deeper into what makes you shine, move through what’s holding you back, and be the go-to in your industry by doing business differently.

Mompreneur guide, megan

"Amanda's take on business is such a breathe of fresh air! I love how she teaches ways to swap perfectionism for easy actions to get stuff done. Between her messaging expertise and her guest's zone of genius, this show is such a great place of knowledge."


"Listening to the episodes feels like sitting down with your most gracious and inspiring best friend. Amanda's got the balance between inspiration and practicality nailed. Loved our conversation about passion and feel honored to have met you."


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Imperfectly Ambitious is a company that provides messaging, positioning, and sales strategy for women in business who want to approach sales differently and connect at a deeper level with their perfect fit clients. 

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