purposeful podcasting

Create more than just a podcast. Create connection, a community, and a legacy.

if you're looking for:

If you want to have a podcast that is an extension of who you are...

that creates connection and community, and is how people find you and learn about your message, then this is for you. This 60-minute intensive is focused on how to create podcast content with ease, genuine community and binge listeners :) Oh, and how to get the guests you want on YOUR show!

Maybe you're just getting started,

or maybe you have a podcast and you want to take it to the next level... This will help you put that spark into it!

I started a podcast because I knew it was what I had to do. My heart and soul is in my podcast and someday it will be documentation for my kids…

A 60-minute intensive for $249

You’ll walk away with:

gimme the goods

A strategy for how to come up with content ideas and episode topics for weeks 

How to show up authentically in your episodes so that people feel like they know you 

How to market your podcast 

How to ‘pitch to’ and get the guests you want on your show 

How to make your podcast content the foundation of your social media strategy (saves so much time and energy, and is so much easier!)

How to get consistent ratings and reviews so your podcast can be found and sought after by listeners (and potential guests!)

How to fit this into your life and schedule without the overwhelm 

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My podcast isn’t just another ‘thing’

It's not something I started and am ‘kind of’ doing. I’m all in. It’s intentional, consistent and an extension of who I am. And I want to help YOU get your voice and message in front of more people and connect at a deeper level. When done with intention, podcasting is a tool that can be used in the best way to connect with the community you are here to serve.

You can do things differently, you can stand out from the noise, and you can have the podcast you’ve been dreaming about.

let's get started

just waitin' on you dear

Imperfectly Ambitious is a company that provides messaging, positioning, and sales strategy for women in business who want to approach sales differently and connect at a deeper level with their perfect fit clients.