You want to be purposeful in how you spend your time, energy and focus.

You want to connect with like-minded women for support, collaboration and accountability.

You want to intentionally build your legacy.

You have a career working in a 9-5, or are an entrepreneur who craves more impact and fulfillment, yet needs clarity on what that looks like.

You want to know how to uniquely position yourself and connect more effectively with your customers and or/audience.

You want to stand out and be a go-to in your industry.

This membership is right for you if:

You can make a massive impact doing what lights you up, starting right now


Through ELEVATE you will:

Get clarity on your vision and next best steps

Have confidence in your unique positioning and how to stand out in your industry

Gain a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your work

Know how to establish credibility and authority in what you do

Align your work with your life and who you are

Be clear on where to spend your time 

Amplify your everyday impact in an intentional way 

Find more fulfillment 

Be a leader in what you do

so what's inside?

Live monthly group coaching/mentoring calls with me to help you specifically with what you're working through at the moment.

Guest speakers who are experts in their field to guide and train on various topics.

A library of mini-trainings that are easily digestible and effective (not overwhelming).

Community of like-minded women all interested in growth and pursuing their own version of success.


        manda Edwards is a business mentor, who helps purpose-driven women make more impact and stand out in their industry. 

Amanda has led accounts and sales strategy over the past 15 years working in a technology industry, with Fortune 500 Companies. In an industry with very few women, she has had to learn how to own her voice, establish authority and lead, and has a passion to help you do the same thing.

She has created the internationally chart ranking Imperfectly Ambitious Podcast to equip you with tools to help you pursue your own version of success and breakthrough what holds you back.

Amanda lives in MN with her husband, two young kiddos, and golden retriever :)

meet amanda



Go from being stuck in achievement mode feeling unfulfilled, to making a massive impact in the way that only you can. 

ELEVATE will help you get intentional about building your              , so that you don't look back at the end of your life wishing you would have listened to that whisper. 

You can make a                impact doing more of what lights you up, starting right now.

We’ll explore ways for you to grow in alignment with what you want your life to look like... 

Member Rates

Annual membership

monthly membership



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*limited time founding members price*

*limited time founding members price*

How is a membership different from a course?

LIVE coaching and mentoring calls is part of ELEVATE and is key. This is ongoing work, without a start and an end (like a single course). You will learn so much from even hearing the other members' questions on the LIVE calls, as well as walking through specific action steps when it comes to your unique situation. You will however have recorded trainings that are easily digestible, including the ELEVATE Foundations course.  

Is there a minimum monthly commitment when I sign up?

There is currently no minimum commitment. I hope you stick around though, because you want to give yourself time to learn, implement and GROW!

Is there a cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time.

How do I know that this is for me?

If you resonate with what you’ve just read and you are ready to make more impact, do things differently, and connect with a community of women all interested in growth, than trust your gut and do this for yourself ;)

If you have questions that aren’t on the list, please email them to                                         and we will be sure to respond!