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You have experiences in your life that have changed you.  You have gone through things that have shown you what you’re made of… Kayleon is a passionate NICU advocate and has created what she wished she had when she was in the NICU you with her daughter for 43 days.  She recognized that if she […]

041 Using your Story to Fuel Something Bigger, with NICU Advocate Kayleon Dortch-Elliott

Is the fear of rejection holding you back from telling people what you’re up to?  How about offering your products or services (selling!)?  If you’re worried about what ‘they’ will say or think, you are NOT alone, my friend.  This is so common and yet so important to be able to move through. In this […]

040 Moving through the fear of rejection

This episode is truly a mini crash course on the Enneagram, where Jackie Coban gives us an overview of all nine types, and teaches us how to use the Enneagram to help put language to who, why, and what we are, so that we can live a more sustainable life.   You will hear things in […]

039 A Crash Course on The Enneagram, with Jackie Coban

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Just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you should… As women, we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all, and do it all well. If you have a career, a family, a side hustle… something’s got to give. Remember, not all things are created equally and in this episode, we are […]

038 When and Why to Outsource at Home

The marketing part is the fun part…gaining visibility, credibility and getting people to know you and really love your brand and what you’re doing. …but we have to eventually move to the sales part.  The part where a transaction happens. Because that is what makes a business a business.  Sales, revenue, and ultimately profit. This […]

036 How to Not Feel Bad About Selling

What if instead of looking around feeling like you’re on your own island in a sea of competition, and feeling defeated and overwhelmed, you found opportunities right in front of you to combine skills, expertise and the experience to deliver even greater impact, while sharing the workload (and the fun!) with someone else? The intent […]

034 The Power of Collaboration to Grow Your Business

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There’s that thing that you can’t quite put your finger on that makes someone successful.  It’s that fire…that spark that someone has that drives them forward, through any barrier that gets in their way.  Where does that come from, and what are the secrets to it? Dr. Ruth Gotian studies high achievers, and breaks down […]

033 How to Optimize Success and What we can Learn from High Achievers, with Ruth Gotian

Are you feeling the burnout? Like you are spinning your wheels and by the time Friday comes, you wonder what you actually got accomplished?  You’re not alone, my friend… This episode is inspired by conversations I have had with so many people who have so much on their plate and are feeling… ‘blah’.  There’s not […]

032 Time Blocking as a Tool to Help with Burnout and Overwhelm

Are you self-sabotaging?  Most of us do it, and often we don’t even realize it!  This will impact our relationships, our careers, our goals, and our progress.  Kimis a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Coah, and she  gives us actionable tips that we can do right now to help get rid of mind blocks and self-sabotage.  […]

031 Are You Self-Sabotaging?  With Rapid transformational Therapy Coach, Kim Akrigg

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People do business with people they know, like, and trust.   Now more than ever, more business is being done virtually.  Maybe you were used to in-person meetings, or events, and now you’re adjusting to doing everything online.  Maybe you’ve always done your business virtually.   Either way, connecting with people and building trust is critical in […]

030 How to Build the Know, Like and Trust Factor

We are talking about starting an online business with Ana! Ana serves ambitious women who are navigating through their careers and are curious about starting an online business on the side. Ana reminds us of the importance of trusting ourselves, even when we don’t know what the big picture is going to look like.  That’s […]

029 Getting Started with Your Online Business, with Ana Patricia

I have been in sales my whole career, and as I reflect back on the early years, there are so many lessons that were learned early on.   My career looks much different now than it did then, but those times were necessary and are all part of the story.   These are key fundamental lessons of […]

028 Lessons I Learned Early in My Sales Career

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Selling can be fun. It can be exciting. And it can actually FEEL natural… both to you AND your potential client.  These are the things that aren’t talked about enough and that you won’t find in most sales training, because they mostly give you a cut-and-dry sales process to follow. It doesn’t work that way.  […]

179. How to Make Selling Feel More Natural

Most women think their next breakthrough will happen when reading the book, or listening to the podcast, or attending the event, but the reality is that your next big break happens when you learn to SEE, ACCEPT & LOVE who you are and where you are today – and that’s what attracts people to you. […]

178. Focus on What You Can Control: YOU, with Marta Spirk

Does the business side of things scare you? Maybe you’ve had a career in something unrelated to business. Maybe you’re creating your own business and you’re used to only working for someone else. Maybe it all just seems overwhelming and you don’t know what advice to take.  In this episode, we’re going to talk about […]

177. Major Mindset Shifts When it Comes to Business